ASC2010 Day 3- the end is near

taking notes

taking notes,
originally uploaded by lisushi_.

Day 3 of the conference was all about social meeja.

The first plenary included Casey Whitelaw from Google to explain why you really WOULD use Google Wave. @sangtronic and I got a starring role in that we got there early and had existing google wave accounts which we both hadn’t really figured out what to do with yet, but at least we could demo in real-time how it all worked. Conference of the future has arrived!

At this point I decided to stop taking my notes in boring old word format, and just start typing them into a new wave. I’ve made it public, so if you have a google wave account you should be able to search for it using the #asc2010 tag. If you don’t have an account but would like an invite (google wave is still in a testing mode where you need to be invited) then leave a comment or DM me on twittter (@lisushi). I don’t know how useful this will be as a resource, and I might go in on the weekend to clean up my notes a bit and make it more user friendly, but I figure that I was taking them anyway, so I might as well take them and make them available.

So rather than post everything up here, i’ll leave that as your homework assignment- try and find my notes on wave (if you’re interested) and let me know if it’s useful.

All in all, I really enjoyed the conference, especially the meeting everyone part.  The twitter chatter was great, and the beer drinking and real chatter was even greater.  Thanks to everyone who was there!

ps- I’ll leave you with a nice wordle of all the twitter posts put together by @diffn.


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